Grate Dad

The Multi Media Platform Series and Script

Love and Family
Grate Dad


Bobby Bainbridge  -    ITT County/City Intel Security and City Baseball Umpire

Tori Brainbridge  -      DMV Field Driving Evaluator and School Crossing Guard  

Tom Bainbridge  -      Oldest Son, Baseball First Baseman, Senior High School Student

Nicky Bainbridge  -    Middle Son, Chemistry Scholar, Surfer, Junior High School Student 

Colt Bainbridge -       Youngest Son, Baseball Out Fielder, 8th Grade Student

Ballet Bainbridge  -   Family Baby Girl, Dancer and Cheerleader, 6th Grade Student 

Tim Domare  -            Attorney, Friend and Neighbor 
Bonnie Domare  -      Seamstress, Friend and Neighbor      

Melody Domare  -      Domare Sister, Cheerleader, Junior High School Student and Neighbor
Allison Domare  -      Domare Sister, Drama Club, Freshman High School Student and Neighbor

Boston Harris  -        County Parks and Rec Manager, Narcissist and Boss 

Danielle Holly  -         County Secretary 
Jeanna Sullivan  -     County Librarian

"Family Fun is a Home Run"
Grate Dad

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Grate Dad